Online Creative Writing Class 2022!


It has recently been brought to my attention that I know a whole lot about SEO writing – that is, getting your eyes on posts like this one – but I have not been implementing it on my very own website. I’ve basically been doing this work for other folks when I write for them, but not for myself.

So in this post about my new online creative writing class, I will seek to change that. Because I do want your eyes on this post, and I would love you to be in this class. That said…

Introducing: My Latest Creative Writing Class for 2022

Starting in January of 2022 – which sounds like some crazy Jetson’s future, but is just a month away – I will be bringing back my online creative writing class. As the name implies, this course is online, and so available to anyone anywhere in the world. It is all via Zoom.

This is an online course for writers of any experience level who want to…

– Become an expert at writing a compelling plot for a story

– Create rich, developed characters, backstory, and dialogue

– Master the art of description, details, and showing; not telling

– Learn to develop and trust your own writing style

– Write

– Write

– Workshop each other’s work

– Read & learn from some excellent short stories

In this class, we will focus on learning the elements of great storytelling, first and foremost, and will do so by way of creating a short story. (Fiction – between 1,500 and 10,000 words.)However, if you feel more drawn to working on a novel during this time, that is also possible here. You’ll just turn in a chapter to workshop.

We will spend the first five classes of the course learning the elements of storytelling, reading a short story per week on each theme, and creating the bones and details of our stories. Then, we’ll begin working on writing the stories themselves. And then we’ll workshop.

Here is a detailed breakdown of our time together:

– 2.5 hours per week

– Each Monday for 10 weeks

– January 3 – March 7

– Cost: $500 (Deposit of $200 due upon registration; remaining $300 due by first class)

– Tuition is nonrefundable

– Maximum number of students accepted: 8



I am an author, illustrator, and facilitator from Austin, Texas. I’m the author of seven books, including the bestselling Peter Able series. I’ve been writing and editing professionally for the past ten years and have been teaching classes on improv and creative writing for the past three.

More information at…



Please pay the $200 deposit via Eventbrite (plus a small fee.) This will secure your spot in the class. The remainder of your class cost will be due by first class, May 10. Your remaining balance will depend on when you sign up or if we have agreed on an alternate price. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂



I had no fiction writing experience going in to Natalie Grigson’s Short Story Class. By the end of the ten weeks, I had written a short story and workshopped it with the class. Natalie offers a clear class structure, does a brilliant job of teaching storytelling basics and offers informed support and activities to encourage creative risk taking with a group. I loved this class!

Patricia T.


Natalie is a master teacher who knows the art of storytelling. She knows how to create a sense of community, how to communicate the foundations of story, and how to warm up our creative engines. For me, the most educational part of all came near the end, when we critiqued one another’s stories. We would each share our thoughts, and then Natalie would share hers. Over and over again Natalie found and clearly articulated issues I also experienced that for me never advanced from feeling to observation. I was learning how to truly see a story.

Joe L.


Natalie Grigson’s creative writing class was mind-blowing! The class exposed me to a lot of helpful information and exercises, but more importantly, Natalie gave me the confidence to take my writing more seriously – and the class was fun. Thanks, Natalie!

Jeffrey E.

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Writers

And let’s not forget: An online creative writing class may be just the holiday gift for your emo niece who wants to be a writer but hasn’t found the time, or your Mom who retired last year and has been putting off writing her book and instead watching Tik Tok, or perhaps, even, for yourself, who will no doubt make a New Years Resolution to write more, because of that whole NanoWriMo disaster…

This 10-Week Intro to Fiction: Short Story class could be just the thing.

Please get in touch with any questions. 🙂

Christmas gift ideas for writers
online creative writing class
Feel free to save or print this flyer so you’ll have all the info in one place!

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