Natalie Grigson was born on November 19, 1986 in Austin, Texas. One of the last “unicorns” – she was born and raised in Austin, and still (mostly) calls the city home today. In 2009, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Creative Writing, her minor in Visual Arts.

Since then, she has written seven books, from Middle Grade to Adult, from Fantasy to Spirituality. Her first book, a Young Adult Humor/Fantasy, The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able, was released in 2015, quickly becoming a bestseller, and was received well by reviewers and editors alike. The second book, The Timeless Tale of Peter Able, was released in December of 2016, and the third and final book in the series, The Actual Account of Peter Able was recently released in 2018.

Also in 2016, Grigson dipped a toe into the Indie Publishing world, and self-released her Young Adult novel, The Woods. Next, the Middle Grade adventure, Matthew Templeton and the Enchanted Journal, and finally, released in December of 2016, Just Call Me Is: An Introduction to Mindfulness. The publication of this book was made possible by a Kickstarter in July-August of 2016. The next book in this series, Call Me Perfect: a book on body image for kids, was also successfully funded through Kickstarter and was released in August of 2017.

When Natalie isn’t writing books, she can be found writing poetry with Austin’s own Typewriter Rodeo, or facilitating workshops and classes for teenagers, focused on mindfulness, compassion, connection, and play.