Blue Blood Moon

an early morning where
somewhere unseen the
blue blood moon
is still round in the sky
birds fly and sing
as dew settles in and
magic is thick upon us
sparkling drops where
molecules are snowflakes
they pool up on thin blades of grass
waterslides for tiny things
a soft landing for bare feet
and step back and see
how far it stretches –
that magic –
you’re standing in a field of it
it goes outward and inward
of you, to make meaning
where meaning was not before
and where once we forgot
our bodies are beginning to remember
the beat of walking barefoot
on a warm forest floor
the fluttering impulse to kiss and to love
the way she looks when she is sleeping
beneath the blue blood moon

fly high with the feeling
your wings have always been there
remember your nature again

and again, again as the moon fades away
we can pretend that we’ve forgotten
but perhaps we try
something different this time
and sink in
to that rich knowing feeling,
the warm creature of our muscles and bones
our wings, our magic, our moon in the sky

remember you’re nature again