Peter Able 6

The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able is a fantasy novel – with a twist. You see, Peter is a Boy Wizard. Or rather, Peter is an adult Boy Wizard who lives in the land of Fiction. His Real World author has abruptly concluded his series, and Peter is suddenly free to explore his world, liberated from the almighty Plotline. Of course the transition into free will isn’t exactly an easy one, and there are plenty of Twists and Turns to keep our Protagonist guessing along the way. After all, this is Fiction.

(Young Adult / Adult)


The Timeless Tale picks up just where Book One left off – give or take a few blurry months for our characters while the author did other things.

As Peter’s Conflict unfolds, you’ll be taken to mysterious lands like Nonfiction, you’ll come across a villain far more horrifying than that other guy (seriously, DON’T say his name). Journey into this world beyond the page – and be sure to hold in your Inner Dialogue.

PA 3This third and final book in the Peter Able series picks up just after the tragic and shocking ending of book two, when Peter heroically and boldly –

Wait a minute – let’s not give too much away. If you haven’t yet, you’ll probably want to read the first two books before diving into the finale. Just like Book One and Two, The Actual Account takes place in the Land of Fiction itself – that magical, strange world beyond the page.

Well… for the most part.


Here we have something magical – a journal written to you from your Inner Self. Don’t worry, Just Call Me Is is also a story, a book of exercises, tools, and games; plus some journal pages for you, too. But most of all, it is a guide to living in presence for middle grade readers.

(Middle Grade)


Just like its companion book, Just Call Me Is: An Introduction to Mindfulness, in Call Me Perfect, Is will tell the tale of a kid like you – who, just like you might be, was struggling with body image. From there, you’ll be guided through exercises, journal pages, games, and a whole lot more to get connected with and accepting of your body. You might even fall in love.

(Middle Grade)

Kindle Scout Cover 2

On his thirteenth birthday, Matthew Templeton receives a journal from an elderly librarian. To the birthday boy, it’s as about as exciting a gift as a pair of socks. But this book is from Del, a magical world, and the librarian confides that it will grant any wish Matthew writes in it.

Sort of. The journal has a sense of humor. The elderly librarian is not what she seems, either.

(Middle Grade)


The story begins and ends in a small town in Maine, but within the pages, the characters travel far beyond the mundane. Jack Nielson and his best friend, Lydia, have just reunited after years of separation on their winter break from college. For old times’ sake, the two decide to partake in a bit of “innocent” fun: practicing magic in the local forest, of course. As readers will see, there was nothing innocent about their magic—not then, and not now.

(Young Adult)