Bones Like Stardust

The pulse of life thrums through me
drums through me, brightening my cheeks
and weakening my knees
feeling so complete
energy repeats
my feet twitch
my bones itch
I’m alive
I’m alive
I’m alive
My body
it’s talking
muscle memories
of walking
toes tingle, ready
inside I’m steady
first steps
to missteps
dancing, from star light to heavy
as the rain falls
the wall between it all
grows thin
and even then
we touch hands when
our atoms collide from across the room
there isn’t a trace
no space
what is me, what is you
bodies just passing through
Life pulsing through me
pulsing through you
bones made of stardust
trusting to move
these bodies that ground us
to the earth we’ll resume, but for now
We’re alive
We’re alive
We’re alive