Dear God,

dear god,
I’m sitting on the floor
front door open
heart open to the storm
rolling in along the land
landing someplace deep in my bones
the thunder shakes my toes
water splashing onto my skin
sensuous rivulets
in the silver lightning
and I am home

dear god,
is this you
the electric metronome
of my heart?
enlivened at the start
of this storm?
is this you
coming closer
closing in on myself?

there is nothing else
but a sky that is breaking
an earth that is shaking
are all bodies aching right now
with the aliveness of this rain?
with the pain of feeling each drop
as the blood in our veins?

with the embodied memory
of nights spent in Bali
these same waters
poured down
the black tears of Kali
and chaos
limbs tear and break off
is the music of my soul,
dear god,
and I’ve never known
that word
or felt at home
in the arms of a deity

but I’ll be
at the altar of my doorstep
when the storm rolls in
and the rain pours down,
dear god,
it’s so nice
to meet you