Do not cry, they say
everything will be okay
when life, this grand adventure,
ceases for some, but the rest of us live on
what happened in those last seconds?
when you pulled the curtain back?
to see the stars, forever and ever,
reaching through you, into you, out of you –
everything –
Why can’t we feel it all along?
If you’re here and not gone –
just a vessel
all along
why can’t we feel it with the sunrise?
when we close our eyes
we hold onto you.
Do you notice?
Can you feel us crying, calling you back?
Are you the very call that slips from our lips?
Are you the very wall we’ve built to forget?
Are you there when the pall
bearers bring forth that
holding a vessel – empty
Have you been here all along?
Haven’t we all?
Haven’t we all?