Give Me That

give me that
heart race
that fast pace
that fear of being annihilated
footfall is faster
life coming after me
bones light and hollow
I sing this song
I’m alive

I struggle to find
that line
between living
and giving myself to vices
your advices
have slipped from my feathers
slick, I’m slick
I’m stubborn

I want that blood rush
that chemical gush
that intoxicating feeling
of intensity
but with my propensity
to dive in

  • fuck swimming –
    how can I not drown?
    I’m stubborn

This scorpion blood
cries out for love
for fire, for falling, for fear –
I’m alive with it
let me lie with it
let me stand so close to the ledge

I’ll look down at you
whisper my truth
I’m only living if I’m on the edge
too inland, I’m dying
flat and lying
that this living is giving me life

too far out, and I’ve fallen
addicted, I’m calling
the names of sweet things
into the air
I know there’s impact
I’m falling
I know there’s ground
I’m stalling

but while it feels like flying,
I can’t care