life is
the way my hair
keeps falling in my face
it is the graceless way
I said that
lips caked with chocolate
and fingers gummy with peppermint

it is the hum of my surroundings
resounding in my ears
the complexities of hearing
while Netflix is on

it is a moment
gone in a flash
the ashes of our memories
and desires
burned up in the fire
of time gone by

the lines defined by laughs
and sorrows
of anticipation
for tomorrows
so much so,
we too often forget
that this
is life

staring numbly at a screen
the hungriness to be seen
when we finally obtain that thing –
and when that moment is gone
as it is destined to be
we wait
we numb
we let ourselves believe

that life is lived in the highs or lows
not in the space of waiting

it’s in the success
the vacation
the perfect man

not in failures
or boredom
or dating

so here we are
in this one, round moment
this infinitely slippery life
I don’t worry
these days
about time falling away
because whether I make leftovers
or pray

it’s just life