November Child

I am my days
are fire and water
the world exists through my eyes

inside my belly burns bright
the flames
untamed bring me to action
to lust
to Fuck You
to running, screaming beneath the hot sun
to running out of fire, there’s nowhere left to run
I sizzle and fade
smoke gives way
again, again, I am water

I am infinite with it
it pours from me –
how many tears can this November child cry?
Born beneath a Scorpion sun
my waters could bowl you over

over and again, it begins
to smoke
to water
my energy waxes and wanes
from feminine to flames
from heartache to
screaming under water

I will burn you up
in my flames
the pain will be exquisite
our hot skin will press together
scratching and biting
this fire wants fighting

But there are more depths
the fire gives way
I sizzle and fade
again, again,
I am water