My lovely agent, Jill Corcoran, recently suggested to me that I “build more of an online presence.”

An innocuous suggestion, but to my ears, it may as well have been “build an army and overthrow capitalism.”

In other words: a big project.

So here I am today, knee-deep in writing articles, posting on Facebook, emailing back and forth, and Tweeting my heart out, and I just thought I’d take a quick break to ask you writers, artists, or businessfolks out there:

How the hell do you do it?

Moving from the creative and cushy cloud world of illustrating my book, Call Me Perfect, into marketing head space feels like hard edges and scraped shins. Don’t get me wrong, when I get into the flow of a project, I am there, and only there exists. But when I am finished with it, and I take a look at the rest of the list of Things To Do in order to “build more of an online presence” my heart starts beating a little faster.







And on, and on.

I tell you: I’ll be happy when one day soon I have a team to help me with all of this.

But at least for today, I can check “Blog Post” off the list.

Note from the Editor (That’s me):

Dear reader,

Do you love the world of marketing? Do you get tickled with your PR prowess? I’d love some help in gaining more of an audience and online presence. Let me know if this is something you, or someone you know, might be interested in. ❤

Remember that one time when I said I was going to write a blog post per month?

Yeah, that was funny.

Please, allow me to include my list of worthy excuses at the end of the post, so as to save some time here.

The reason I’m writing now after something of a hiatus, is more or less just to let you all know that yes, I’m still alive, and yes, I do plan to keep up with this blog. Occasionally.

That being said, I’m not going to make it my number one priority. I realize more and more that life is best spent outside and face to face with other people, rather than peering into the (albeit mysterious) depths of my computer screen. It’s about dancing, and laughing, and playing. It’s about connecting with people, acting a fool, and falling. Always falling.

This is the life that I want to live, and this is my priority. When writing fits into that, as it is now, I will joyously sit down in front of my computer screen or typewriter and type away- but more and more, forcing myself to write feels like a grind. After all, people tend to work so hard always in hopes of some day, some day finding the time to really live.

Now, I’m not saying that writing is always work – in fact, much of the time it’s a beautiful mediation for me. But I think I’ve decided to go ahead and retire from work – writing when it feels like work, exercise that feels like torture, spending time with people who feel like a job – and instead, allow myself to play and let things present themselves to me, rather than chasing them down. Things like the urge to sit down and write – like now; things like ideas, people, and circumstances. Things like opportunities, experiences, and abundance.

When you’re not searching for these things, it’s funny how they present themselves to you. And by funny, I mean Extremely Obvious-Why-Don’t-We-Remember-This-All-of-the-Time-When-We’re-Banging-Our-Heads-Against-the-Wall-Just-Trying-to-Make Things-Happen.

So I’ll be back to write more, maybe in a week or two, maybe in a few months, maybe next year.


1. I have been focusing my attention on other things*
2. My mind has been elsewhere
3. A raccoon broke into my home and rummaged through my trashcan, found nothing but paper, so he stole my computer and left a menacing note
4. I’ve decided to go into politics under a pseudonym that rhymes with Ernie Flanders.
5. Contemplating the universe
6. Deep meditation
7. Chinese finger traps

* improv, spending time with friends, family stuff, see point No. 3….