Lately I’ve been taking an intentional step back from Author Things and focusing more on the side of Connection Things. What that looks like: spending more time with my friends, really diving deeply into community, stepping more into leadership and facilitation, and, as of today – starting a company!

My good friend, Scott Gregory and I were wanting to collaborate on something.

“Where do we both feel mastery?”

Easy – working with kids and teenagers.

And so we decided to take the tools we’ve learned from Authentic Relating* and bring them to teens and teachers to help today’s youth feel more present, more connected, and more compassionate. Just a day later, we were already getting booked for our first events – and we hadn’t even thought of a name for our new business yet!

Well, now we have a name, and even a very snazzy website.

Present Company.

Check it out and get in touch if the work we’re doing is something that you or your teenagers need in their lives.


This weekend the annual Texas Book Festival will be taking over the capital steps and Congress Ave. in downtown Austin.

It’s like those book fairs you had when you were a kid – only with thousands of people, hundreds of authors, speakers, and panels, and more books than you could dream to fit in your cafegymatorium.

And on Saturday, Typewriter Rodeo will be there, at 11th and Congress, typing poems on the fly with yours truly. That’s me.

So come one, come all to the Texas Book Festival. We’ll have a ball. You’d think I’m trying to rhyme, but after all this time, the words just tend to fall – and

that’s all.

See you Saturday,

… y’all.