This Body

This body
is mine
it has been described
as fine
wasting your time
when I don’t feel like sharing
I am not caring
that you think you are owed
what’s been handed to me

I hand him some dimes
a dollar
a sandwich
his eyes, not on mine
but they do find
me at a time
when I learned
what is mine
comes with fine print
and lingering eyes

it is unwise to
sleep with men early
never you mind
how you feel

be kind, but try
for three dates –

  • if not five,
    this man makes a living
    giving advice
    these words
    they hurt
    the earth of my frame
    sickly sweet shame,
    but girl, play that game


This body is mine
it comes with fine print
lent to me
sent to me
passed down through
the centuries
the message I hear
is clear
dust settles

this body

is mine

it will be described
as fine
gazed at
with eyes
that forget

I just wanted to hand you a sandwich
and say