Body Image

For those of you who don’t know, JUST CALL ME IS: AN INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS is coming out oh so soon, on December 1.

A mere 26 days later, I have another book coming out called THE TIMELESS TALE OF PETER ABLE. It’s not a book on mindfulness – but it is a fun look into the world of Fiction; what goes on behind the page when we’re no longer reading. It’s the second in the best-selling Peter Able series.

All that to say, somehow, I felt I just wasn’t busy enough, apparently, because just last week I began work on another book; a sequel to JUST CALL ME IS. That’s right – you heard it here first. There will be a sequel to “Is.”

(As a matter of fact, there will be at least three in the series, if not more.)

The entire series will be told, once again, from the reader’s Inner Self. Now that we’ve gotten an introduction to mindfulness and totally nailed it, we can dive deeper into some of the most pressing issues that kids face today. In book two, that means body image.

This has been an issue I’ve had my own demons with since I was a kid, and honestly, I don’t know a single person who isn’t affected by it in some way. So, once again, I’m introducing a story, a journal, a workbook, and really, a friend, to the kids who need it when they need it most.

Expected release: 2017.

Don’t worry – I’ll keep ya posted. 🙂

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