I’ve just finished writing the curriculum for my upcoming creative writing workshop and I’m so freakin’ excited. It will be each week for 10 weeks starting in October.  Our focus will be on short story, but first chapters of longer works will also be accepted.

In this in-depth 10-week course, you’ll…

– Become an expert at writing a compelling plot for your story
– Create rich, developed characters, backstory, and dialogue
– Master the art of description, details, and showing; not telling
– Learn to develop and trust your own writing style, voice, and narrator
– Write
– Write
– Workshop each other’s work
– Receive verbal and written feedback from myself and your classmates on your story
– End up with a polished and reviewed complete short story or first chapter of a longer work
– Receive resources and support on publication
– Read & learn from some of the best short stories from the past 100 years
– Get to spend 2.5 hours a week learning & writing in a cozy home downtown, sipping tea and eating chocolate, with badass people


If this sounds like something you’re interested in – please let me know! I’ll only be registering up to 8 people. 


A lot has been shifting in my life in the past several months, and overall, I feel like I am moving from a more Doing space to a more Being space. As you might have noticed, this has meant a lot less “hustle.” No social media videos, a rare post here and there, and a lot less trying.

I’ve let go of the story of Natalie the Successful Author, and am now focusing more on what feels good and right in the moment. Mostly, that looks like spending time with people I love, more time outdoors, yoga, playing, and writing a lot more poetry. I’ve created an album of poems on my personal Facebook Author page, linked here.

From this place of being and not trying so hard, I notice that things just… happen. For a while, my intention has been to move from writing books that help kids and teens to working directly with them more – hosting workshops and events that will help them connect to themselves and others.

In the past week alone, several opportunities have presented themselves to me to do just that. I’ll be hosting some workshops in Austin, and have been invited to a conference in Sydney, Australia in May to host several days of workshops/talks.

So – things are happening. Slowly, naturally, and without so much pushing. It feels good to slow down, to be, and to act from a place of inspiration, rather than expectation. It might look a little less active from the outside, but after years of “trying,” this space of allowing feels like home.

More updates coming soon…