Hello Readers,

It’s been, oh, about a month since I have posted here, so I thought I’d just give you all a quick update.

Here’s what Peter and I have been up to.

Earlier this week we (along with the help of some improviser friends in town) did a One Page Salon reading from the upcoming sequel. If you missed the reading, then you missed the sneak peak at book two. But here’s a hint: a child’s Batman mask was involved. And someone said the word “and.”

We (okay, mostly just me), have been in talks with schools state-wide about implementing the books into book lists and doing some author visits.

In December, I’ll be participating in a Typewriter Rodeo event here in Austin (I’ll post details under events).

And finally, baking. No, of course I’m not baking – if you know me, you know the extent of my culinary patience (I can make eggs.) But Peter has been baking up a storm. I think he’s a bit sad about the end of book two, to be honest, and trying to go into a sort of cookie coma until I start book three.

Which won’t be long. Yes, in between the poetry practicing for Typewriter Rodeo, the school visits, the readings, the auditions (did I mention the auditions?), and the cleaning up after Peter, there will come a day soon when I start writing book three.


– Natalie
and Peter

P.S. – Contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in implementing the Fantastic Fable of Peter Able into school booklists. Or if you’d like a cookie.

What’s this? You want me to elaborate? I thought the message was pretty clear in the title of the post, but okay, large and empty box…

Book Two is done.

I’d been putting it off for the past two months, since I got back from my summer in London. Why? Probably because not having finished editing it kept it going for me – tied me, in an odd way, to the UK, where I wrote the bulk of it. Because once the edits are done, that means it’s no longer a work in progress, but a complete work – and then what?

What to do when a child leaves the house for good? When the wolf I’ve been raising since he was a puppy must go back into the wild? What, Jack London, WHAT?!

Well, I could do what many newly set-free parents (or wolf caretakers) do – take up some sort of new addiction to fill the time: shopping, drinking, making long distance prank phone calls to China.

Or I could simply write a new book*. After all, there’s one more in this trilogy, and infinite possibilities beyond that.

*This is where the metaphor must end, because while you can just write a new book when the other ends, you really shouldn’t just pop out a new baby every time your other child grows up, or buy a wolf pup when White Fang gets older. Because it’s illegal. Don’t buy a wolf.

I’m here in London, fast at work writing the sequel in the Peter Able book series – and by fast, I, of course, mean writing furiously for a few days, then taking breaks for travel, then writing some more, then taking a break having lost all of my data in a hard drive crash, freaking out, injuring my foot, and so being forced indoors to recover, try to pick up where I think I left off, and write some more.

Something I’m learning – travel may not be the most conducive to sitting down and writing. In fact, it’s not great for sitting down at all, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll do the exact opposite of sitting down so intensely that you’ll wind up injuring your foot.

It is, however, inspiring. I’ve been all over London and a few other parts of the U.K. over the past month, including Oxford (once home to the likes of C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Alice herself from Alice in Wonderland), Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare’s hometown), Bath (where Jane Austen hung out), and Stonehenge – which doesn’t have much to do with writing, but I just wanted to brag. To say that I’ve been inspired over the past month, soaking up all of these writerly vibes, is an understatement.

So now that I am forced to sit, ice my foot, and actually write, I’m as excited to see the words that come forth as if were reading them. Each is a surprise, a delight. Did Jane Austen inspire that sentence? Perhaps the ghost of Tolkien? Or seeing the actual door to Narnia? (Yes, folks, there’s an actual door in Oxford that inspired the doorway to Narnia. I seent it!)

Needless to say, Book Two will be similar to the first, and yet very different. I’m writing this one in a different place, in more ways than one, and even though working in writing with moving around all the time has been a challenge, it’s also been a gift. A fun, exciting, stressful, and often infuriating gift. Kind of like a Furby.

I’ll keep you guys updated on Book Two’s progress. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first one. If you haven’t read it already, don’t wait for an injury to force you to sit down long enough to read it. Read while you’re at work instead!