An Update With a Side of Cookies

Hello Readers,

It’s been, oh, about a month since I have posted here, so I thought I’d just give you all a quick update.

Here’s what Peter and I have been up to.

Earlier this week we (along with the help of some improviser friends in town) did a One Page Salon reading from the upcoming sequel. If you missed the reading, then you missed the sneak peak at book two. But here’s a hint: a child’s Batman mask was involved. And someone said the word “and.”

We (okay, mostly just me), have been in talks with schools state-wide about implementing the books into book lists and doing some author visits.

In December, I’ll be participating in a Typewriter Rodeo event here in Austin (I’ll post details under events).

And finally, baking. No, of course I’m not baking – if you know me, you know the extent of my culinary patience (I can make eggs.) But Peter has been baking up a storm. I think he’s a bit sad about the end of book two, to be honest, and trying to go into a sort of cookie coma until I start book three.

Which won’t be long. Yes, in between the poetry practicing for Typewriter Rodeo, the school visits, the readings, the auditions (did I mention the auditions?), and the cleaning up after Peter, there will come a day soon when I start writing book three.


– Natalie
and Peter

P.S. – Contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in implementing the Fantastic Fable of Peter Able into school booklists. Or if you’d like a cookie.

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