And by minute, I mean, about a year.

Here’s a very succinct recap of what I’ve been up to, just to catch you up:







I think that about sums it up. So onto new things: as you can see, I am back on the blog, baby! If you’re being a good detective a la Randy Potts (Peter Able series, check it out), you might have surmised that this means I am getting back into Author Things.

And I am – I’m feeling excited and re-motivated to get back into my books/articles/author career, after nearly a year of exploring other things. My last post announced my new company, Present Company, which does still exist. But in exploring creating a business and working directly with teens, I realized what was missing for me: WRITING!

I really need the creative expression of writing in my life, and while I’ve continued writing poetry and articles over the past 12 months, I have put marketing my current books and writing new ones on pause. And this blog post is here to tell you, I’m pressing play. Or, taking it off pause. Or if you have an AppleTV, just pushing that big button in the middle.

At any rate, I’m aiming to get back into writing more on this blog, being more active on Twitter and my Facebook author page, contributing more to Elephant Journal, and ultimately, creating new books*. 

I’ll have an announcement soon about those new books and new content. For now, I just wanted to say – it feels good to be back. You’ll hear more from me soon!

❤ Natalie

Hello Readers,

It’s been, oh, about a month since I have posted here, so I thought I’d just give you all a quick update.

Here’s what Peter and I have been up to.

Earlier this week we (along with the help of some improviser friends in town) did a One Page Salon reading from the upcoming sequel. If you missed the reading, then you missed the sneak peak at book two. But here’s a hint: a child’s Batman mask was involved. And someone said the word “and.”

We (okay, mostly just me), have been in talks with schools state-wide about implementing the books into book lists and doing some author visits.

In December, I’ll be participating in a Typewriter Rodeo event here in Austin (I’ll post details under events).

And finally, baking. No, of course I’m not baking – if you know me, you know the extent of my culinary patience (I can make eggs.) But Peter has been baking up a storm. I think he’s a bit sad about the end of book two, to be honest, and trying to go into a sort of cookie coma until I start book three.

Which won’t be long. Yes, in between the poetry practicing for Typewriter Rodeo, the school visits, the readings, the auditions (did I mention the auditions?), and the cleaning up after Peter, there will come a day soon when I start writing book three.


– Natalie
and Peter

P.S. – Contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in implementing the Fantastic Fable of Peter Able into school booklists. Or if you’d like a cookie.