I’ve just finished writing the curriculum for my upcoming creative writing workshop and I’m so freakin’ excited. It will be each week for 10 weeks starting in October.  Our focus will be on short story, but first chapters of longer works will also be accepted.

In this in-depth 10-week course, you’ll…

– Become an expert at writing a compelling plot for your story
– Create rich, developed characters, backstory, and dialogue
– Master the art of description, details, and showing; not telling
– Learn to develop and trust your own writing style, voice, and narrator
– Write
– Write
– Workshop each other’s work
– Receive verbal and written feedback from myself and your classmates on your story
– End up with a polished and reviewed complete short story or first chapter of a longer work
– Receive resources and support on publication
– Read & learn from some of the best short stories from the past 100 years
– Get to spend 2.5 hours a week learning & writing in a cozy home downtown, sipping tea and eating chocolate, with badass people


If this sounds like something you’re interested in – please let me know! I’ll only be registering up to 8 people. 



That’s right, I am writing. No, not in this blog post (though yes, that’s very astute of you), but in life.

I’ve been doing a lot of Typewriter Rodeo events here in Austin, which if you haven’t checked it out, you really should: http://typewriterrodeo.com/

And the funny thing about using that part of my brain – is that it just doesn’t get worn out. The more I write, the more I want to write.

So, inspired by my poetry-slinging the past several weeks, I’ve decided to go ahead and start working on Book Three in the Peter Able series.

I’m already one chapter in, and plan on finishing the book in the next few months. Because when I start a project, I have a pattern that looks something like this: work feverishly at all hours obsessively forever and ever until it is done, polished, edited, and perfected.

So, that’s all really. I just wanted to let you guys know that, YES, the third book is in the works, and YES, you will soon be able to read books one, two, and three – all in one sitting, if you’re anything like me – and YES, I seem unable to stop writing.

Hence this post to you.

The moral of this story is: If you know you love to do something but have been putting it off for whatever reason, don’t beat yourself up about putting it off. Just let it ride out. Once you stop putting so much pressure on yourself to do that thing that you’ve built up in your mind so much!!!! – you will simply and easily, do it. And it will be glorious. And you will shine.

As keeping with my new, accidental tradition – here is my latest, monthly blog post!

So where have I been since the last post in early November? What have I been doing? I had a birthday, a Thanksgiving, a Christmas, far too many sweets, gained a job, did some acting work, typed some poems, made some art, watched a whole lot of Netflix…

And here we are, on the second to last day of this month – and this year. I’ll be honest with you – I am feeling a little less than accomplished right now; blame it on the sweets and the Netflix, but I feel like lately I’ve been in something of a creative rut. And while I think New Years resolutions may as well be called Little Reasons to Feel Bad About Yourself, and won’t, nope, I won’t, can’t make me, not going to happen, you can go –

I won’t do them –

I do feel like the start of a New Year and the end of another is a good time to reflect and set positive intentions. Not unrealistic expectations to hold yourself to; but sort of vague goals – purposeful intentions about how you want to FEEL in the New Year. In life. And then letting Life fill in the how to get there.

And if you’re tempted to call that a New Years resolution, well, you can just go lick a pole, because I’m setting these intentions to begin today.

Which brings us to this somewhat rambling post. See, I’ve decided that I want to feel more creatively turned on this coming year, and the last two days of 2015, and a big part of that for me, is writing. Writing short stories, books, poems, journal entries, and yes, even blogs. An hour a day keeps the psychologists away.

I’m also starting to dip my toe a bit further into the acting pool. I think a big reason I’ve been feeling less than inspired to write is that I’ve been going through a shift in desires – I’ve been craving more socializing, more interactive creativity, and more fun. Acting and improv are a fun, social way to scratch that creative itch, without having to hole up for hours on end in isolation.

So sure, my vague Non-New Years Resolution-goal is to feel empowered and satisfied creatively – but moreover, not to beat myself up for those times when I just don’t feel like making something beautiful, something funny, something worth keeping – or something, anything, at all.

I tend to should all over myself. When I am not writing, I should be doing more of that. When I am not painting, of course that’s what I should be doing. But at the same time, I should be at the gym. And on an audition. And promoting my previous books. And also, probably being more social. And less social. And –

It’s exhausting. And I know I can’t be the only one who does this. So if you need to borrow a non-New Years Resolution-goal for yourself, take mine: Be kind and patient and more loving with yourself. Don’t bother starting in 2016; start now.

It should make life a whole lot easier.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.