Just Call Me Is: An Introduction to Mindfulness

My latest book needs your help, and it needs it now, so I’ll keep this short and sweet:

“Just Call Me Is” will introduce children to concepts that we, as adults, are becoming more and more familiar with. Things like meditation, presence, gratitude – all, of course, by way of a relatable (and, sure, somewhat snarky) guide, the reader’s Inner Self (IS).

It is a story, it is a journal, it is a book of exercises and tools, and most of all, it is a guide to living in presence for young people.

My son thinks the book is excellent. He was up late in his his bed with a flashlight doing the writing after reading the the whole thing in just a couple hours. And I’m impressed how well he is grasping a concept like higher self. I’ve struggled with explaining it to kids.

– Jonathan Thompson, Psychedelic Parenting

Please help make this a reality – pledge today or find our more at www.JustCallMeIs.com.

And tell your friends! ❤

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