New Workshops Coming to Austin!

I have some really cool series coming up for the late summer / early fall:

– Improv Level 1 Class – Tuesdays starting August 6
– Improv Level 2 Class – Mondays starting August 5
– Improv Level 3 Class – Thursdays starting August 22

Each of these courses are six-week series, and are focused on improv and authentic connection and expression. Now enrolling! 🙂

End of September:
– Creative Writing Workshop (8 weeks)

A small class (6 participants) will workshop a piece of writing* that you have completed before your week to be workshopped. We will workshop one piece per class, and in the first two classes, you will learn and review the basic elements of story-telling and creative writing (so you can best workshop others’ writing as well as complete your own story).

This will be an in-depth workshop including creative writing exercises and high-quality notes and suggestions (from myself, as well as the other students in the class.)

*Fiction focused; some Creative Nonfiction allowed – but no academic essays, poetry, journalism, etc. This class is focused on story-telling.

I will create an event soon, and sign up will begin in August.

**Let me know if you are interested in these offerings ASAP!**


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