Stop and Eat the Roses

Lately my life has been very full – full of writing, researching, creating curriculum, teaching three improv classes per week, planning an upcoming 10-week creative writing intensive… Basically, I’ve had the bandwidth to work and to take care of myself and my dog. But not a whole lot in between.

Which, of course, is very satisfying for parts of me – especially those parts that thrive on self-reliance and creativity and productivity. But for the parts that need down time and deep connection – I really just haven’t had the time.

I’ll go through phases like this. You don’t write seven books in less than a decade by *not* having a streak of self reliance and a love for productivity. But it’s a lot harder to do *and* care for the relationships in my life that matter to me.

So – I’m taking a *small* step back.  I’m moving my just-announced Fiction-Writing course back by about a month to start November 18. We’ll have the first five classes, then a holiday break, then the last half of our course. If you’re at all nostalgic for school (like me), just think of it as fall and spring semesters.

I’ll still be teaching at night and writing during the days; but total, I’ve decided to keep my teaching nights to just two per week.

If you’re interested in the 10-Week Fiction course, I’ll still be signing up people all this month and next, but now there is a bit more time and spaciousness to get you guys registered. Event linked below.

Thanks for being with me on the ups and downs of this strange highway of life. Don’t forget to stop and eat the roses.

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