So This is Happening.

It’s been a minute since I’ve last updated you guys. Since then, a lot has happened. I’ve been teaching more and more classes – improv, creative writing, figure drawing. I’ve started and now nearly finished the process of editing a dear friend’s latest book. I have continued to write articles and poetry and I make art here and there. And –


You hadn’t heard? Well, this is pretty much where we’re at.

And all that stuff I’d mentioned before? Yes, it’s still happening – more or less. My creative writing class has turned into an online class; we’re even looking at adapting the figure drawing and improv classes to be online. Because, oh yeah –


It looks sort of like this.

In the future post-apocalyptic scenario where this blog is the only remaining historical record of 21st century humankind, I’ll go ahead and tell you – this is because COVID-19 is spreading so rapidly all over the world, hospitals are becoming flooded and the death toll is going up. So we are attempting to slow the rate of transmission = less people in hospitals at once = less people in trouble = a euphemism for dead.

So here I am, making the best of the absolute craziest global situation any of us have seen. What does that look like?

  • I am creating. A lot. My work has slowed down dramatically because, oh fuck, one more thing –


… So I have a lot more time to be creative. That’s been looking like:

  • Making new art
  • Writing new poems
  • Actually, finally sitting down to write a blog post
  • Secretly / consensually recording phone conversations with my friend Scott. We are so funny we have decided to create a podcast that will never be heard.
  • Thinking about starting my own video series: My dog, Roonil, is the host – hear me out. So my dog is the host; I am the co-host. We’ve been quarantined for a year in a perhaps apocalyptic world. We keep you all updated on the state of the world as our minds unravel. Lots of dog side eye. We’re British for some reason. It’s gold.

For real though. Things have gone from a 0 to an 11 in a matter of weeks and each day brings some unbelievable new article or information. We are all doing our best not to panic, and I am lucky to have such social support and love.

And yes, I’m also eating my weight in chocolate and I haven’t washed my hair in like a week and I am at the point where this web series is actually sounding like a pretty great idea but –


I will keep you all updated and cheered as best I can via this blog. Knowing me, though, the next time I post will be in like three months and by then I’ll have gone full Howard Hughes.

So in the meanwhile, please get in touch if you are interested in joining one of my online improv or art classes. It’s important that we stay connected and playful during this time –

far the fuck away from each other –

but connected and playful all the same.

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