Quarantine. Month Three.

Quarantine. Month Three.

I seem to have lost my mind, because I’ve decided to offer another, new creative writing class starting in just over a month. We’ll see how this goes.

I’m planning to offer this 10-week Intro to Fiction class every six weeks. Monday and Tuesday nights. Available anywhere in the world. Because, what else am I doing?

Seriously, though. The demand for this class has grown during this more isolated time, so I’ve decided to up the supply. I believe it’s so important to stay creative and connected during this time. If you’ve ever wanted to dive into your fiction-writing-self, maybe now is the time.

I had no fiction writing experience going in to Natalie’s Short Story Class. By the end of the ten weeks, I had written a short story and workshopped it with the class. Natalie offers a clear class structure, does a brilliant job of teaching storytelling basics and offers informed support and activities to encourage creative risk taking with a group. I loved this class!

– Patricia T, two-time student

Details and registration can be found here.

I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, happy, and creative out there.


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