My Writing Process

  1. I sit down at the same time each morning and write for at least one hour, at most two. Sometimes I get a lot done. Sometimes a little. Sometimes I’m sure I’m just writing things I will ultimately cut. The point is, I make it a practice and I make it consistent.
  2. I don’t go back and edit until the whole book is done. Unless there is some important detail that has changed later on and needs to be changed throughout (like a character’s name, for ex) I save all editing, revising, cutting, and fleshing out until the entire book is done. If there is something that I know I will need to add in from an earlier page, I’ll go make a note of it in that spot and highlight it so I won’t forget when I’m revising.
  3. At the end of each writing day, I write down my ideas for what will happen in the next scene and mark that in bold, so that the next day when I sit down to write, I will know exactly where to begin.
  4. Additionally I begin each writing day by rereading the last five or so paragraphs that I wrote, so I can drop immediately back into the style and the world.
  5. I have a list of characters, a timeline, and a rough plot outline at the bottom of the document. As I am writing and things are changing, I continuously update the character details, add things to the timeline, and refer back to my plot outline. This way when I’m 100 pages in, I won’t forget some detail about a character and contradict myself or get lost in the flow of writing and forget what the story is about.
  6. My characters are color-coded according to their relationships with each other.
  7. I speak the words out loud as I’m typing. This helps me hear the flow of it and helps me avoid mistakes.
  8. I keep my home clean and cozy and quiet. A space that inspires me to create.
  9. I don’t try to force myself to sit when I have too much energy. I’ll take a walk, dance, come back.
  10. I sacrifice a tiny bit of my soul to the dark and covetous gods of creativity by blood rite each morning for a chance to just glimpse the elusive creative genius and just feel something, dear god, ANYTHING –

Anyway, happy writing! 🙂

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