Allow Myself to Introduce… Myself.

My name is Natalie and as you might have surmised, this is my very first blog post. There won’t be much fanfare, I fear, for as of now, there is probably nobody reading this.

Which takes the pressure off of me, really.

See, I recently joined Goodreads’ Author Program as my debut novel, The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able, was just published on June 30 (about a week and a half ago).

And so, in an attempt to fill in this altogether empty and dreary space that is my Author Page, I will write a blog! I will write and write, and write some more! My words will spill into the Internet Void until one day, one person notices this brand new author page and thinks, “Hm. I wonder what she’s written on this blog?” And won’t it be nicer to have posts up and ready for her, than to have to scramble to write them then?

I think so too.

Author’s Note: If today happens to be that day, that you, dear reader, have decided to start reading my brand new blog, I apologize for the babbling. I promise to deliver wise, profound, hilarious, and altogether life-improving posts in the future, but for now, alas, I am just getting started.

Now let’s watch a funny video.

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